Hackers Crash X and Demand Starlink in Sudan

Hackers comot X from internet sake of over 2 hours for Tuesday morning. Dem want make Elon Musk launch Starlink internet inside Sudan. The hacking gang dey call demselves Anonymous Sudan. For Tuesday, dem overload X’s servers with plenty traffic. E confuse the servers and X scatter for people wey dey many countries. Thousands of … Read more

Apple Execs Duped by Fake Account

Chai, Some big bosses for Apple including Lisa Jackson (wey be Apple vice president for Environment and Policy) and Alan Dye (wey be Vice President for Interface Design) follow one account wey get username @tim.d.cook on Instagram. The account just show for July 2023. The first post wey the account post on August 20 get … Read more

DOJ Recovers $8 Million from Hackers

According to Department of Justice for US, dem don seize $8 million worth of cryptocurrency from hackers known as Qakbot. Dis money go now dey available to help victims of the cyber attacks. The DOJ Assistant Attorney General talk say: “My office dey focused on protecting victims’ rights, and dis attack on computer crime show … Read more